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Mon, 30 Oct 2006

12:51 AM - FSCK

Some damn asshole was running a cgi program on the server so I couldn't do final testing before the deadline!  It kept using up file descriptors and ram and apache was core dumping!  I couldn't do shit.  I told him in email that I could do testing in a reasonable amount of time.  Even better, his webapp to turn it in was down!  I had to email it to him! 
I got it done but turned in 45 minutes late.  I don't think I should be graded too harshly since the server was not available for at least 15 minutes and very slow after that.  Uploading a single 2kb file too like a minute and one time it timed out uploading a 20kb C file! 


1:00 AM - First Interenet Explorer 7 bug i found

Get this, IE7 will not honor table sizes in this fashion:

a table with 3 columns and 2 rows.  The first row has a colspan for the length and the second row has width=220, no width, width=220. I even tried CSS width: 220px;  Now if i use colspan/col with widths and * for the middle it will render correctly.  This is using HTML 4.0 transitional!


1:33 AM - The Evil of Microsoft's Vista EULA

Microsoft only allows transfer of a license to 1 new computer.  (so 2 total)  That means if you upgrade, you have to rebuy vista. 

Microsoft will not allow you to publish benchmarks of vista without using settings found in the documentation.  You can't benchmark older versions with newer ones.