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Fri, 29 Sep 2006

6:07 PM - New glasses, 10.4.8

Caryn and I picked up our new glasses. They are a similar shape, but different colors. Mine are black and a bit smaller than my old ones. At first everything seemed fuzzy but now they feel much clearer. I love the transition lenses so far.

Mac OS 10.4.8 was released. I patched my laptop and caryn's desktop. (thought it would be nice)

Had a test and a quiz today. Not sure how the test went but i did quite poor on the quiz. I did get my math homework in at least.

Also found out apple was giving out nextstep cds for free for y2k in 99 but i can't find info on it now. Probably a dead program. Shit :)

I posted that crazy auth setup on the osx server list. perhaps i'll get some hits. Just a yes its possible would be helpful.