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Wed, 6 Sep 2006

12:27 AM - (no subject)

My iBook replacement battery came.  I need to mail the old one back soon.  Its charging.  my printer isn't grabbing paper correctly.  I've printed page 2 of 2 like 4 times.  WTF.


3:24 PM - EMU

Nice... my class was cancelled and he emailed around 11am about it. I didn't see it though so i went anyway. No one was there of course. I got my temp id at least. I didn't have the syllubus printed yet so no math book. I'll get it tomorrow.

My CS class is taught by a prof so i doubt its going to be held either. They are all out picketing. In fact, its hard to move around on campus.


5:57 PM - A brief synopsis of my weekend

Yes, Yes. For the sake of all humanity it is so!

Caryn and I went to a wedding this weekend. Her best friend from junior high got married. They came to our wedding and it was only fair to return the favor. We had a long drive with Caryn's parents. The wedding itself was ok. Nothing weird happened. The problem was that when we got back from the island, the car had two flat tires. It seems Caryn's mom had it in the dealership recently and they quoted her 580 to get them fixed. She didn't think it was a good enough deal. She then told them no and decided to take a long trip with bald tires! Good one. After filling the right front tire twice on the way home and using fix-a-flat on it, it blew in the middle of fucking no where. It seems larry didn't think using i-75 was fast enough so he managed to hit highway 10 with 1 lane open instead. We were stuck in the middle of the highway. Before I could find out if we had a spare tire, caryn's mom was on the phone to a tow truck. "Can you bring me a tire?", she said. As if they can mount and balance a tire in the middle of the fucking expressway. So it cost her 75 dollars to get her spare put on that I already had out of the trunk. WTF. To make a long story short, she bought tires yesterday. Wouldn't you know it that they had to do a frontend alignment. I wonder why....


6:03 PM - (no subject)

I'm having a rough day. Not a lot is going right. The strike at EMU is still going last I checked. I can't get clear answers when classes will start. You go and then no one is there. Its really irritating. I don't feel well either. Walking around campus in the heat didn't help that. I'm really out of shape.


6:07 PM - The new iMac

Apple launched new iMacs. They now use core 2 duo chips which are 64bit. They also have three sizes. I'd like to get a 17 inch with a 250gb hdd and 1gb ram along with the ati video card. that would be better than my current system and its rather cost effective at 1200. That's about 100 cheaper than my dell was before the video card upgrade. I could use an lcd display and that will save me a little money. Caryn's got to get a box first though. On the up side, if i managed to save up for one it would allow me to use my dell as a server and ditch the amd box. In fact, i could probably ditch the dell server too. It would be quieter too. Power bill might not be any better.

The next question is does MidnightBSD run on a new Mac.