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Sun, 23 Jul 2006

8:56 PM - Whats up with the world

So there are snipers in Indiana shooting people on the expressway.  We have more shots at a knights of columbus hall, heatwaves, record high gas prices for no fucking reason but profit, and no no one seems to be doing shit.  Best of all the voilence will convince conservatives to take more of our rights away.  Cage someone and they will fight.  Violence isn't the way. 

I feel bad for the german chancelor.  I saw the backrub video today. 


8:59 PM - Television, games, other shit

I watched a lot of tv this weekend.  Its been weird.  I got that pilot Psych on usa free on iTunes this weekend.  Weird show.  Monks been a bit weak this season so far.  I'm hoping it will get better.

I bought a copy of Knights of the Old Republic II this weekend.  I beat the first game and wanted a new challenge.  Caryn's started playing KOTOR and I suspect she'll try the sequal eventually as well.  Its quite fun.

I just read an article on CNN about DTV.  To confuse consumers further, there is DTV and HDTV.  Not to get into the 2 types of HDTV connectors, various marketing lies like HD-READY (no tuner!) and 6+ scan line states, I don't think anyone is going ot have a decent tv.  How the hell do you know what to buy.  I'm sure they'll change it all after I buy one.  HD-DVD vs blueray are supposed to replace DVD too.  You don't see me running out for betamax either.  Here's a tip: Pick something damn it!  I'm really sick of this shit.  I like different competing products but video/tv is not a market where there should be competing standards.  Consumers all want to have the same thing.  All HDTVs should have a over air tuner and handle cable/satelite boxes.  They should all do all scanmodes currently available at this point for compatibility.  (720i/p, 480i/p, 1000i/p (well its not 1000 exactly.. 1080 maybe?)  I have relatives asking me what to do.  I keep telling them hold off.  Wait for something solid to be released.  Now the deadline is 2009.  We got 2.5 more years here. Lets just wait for sony to figure out what they are doing.  If you must buy early, i suggest getting an HDTV with hdmi connector and over air tuner.  For video, go with blue ray.  If it takes off, it stores more data and its better for computer use.  The video quality should be better too.  (more bonus stuff)

I don't know why i do that parenthasis shit all the time now.  Its a very bad habit.