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Mon, 10 Jul 2006

11:13 AM - EMU appt tomorrow

Hmm.. Well I found some of my text books and many programming assignments (but not 331 or 223).  223 i have nothing for but i don't think they have an equivalent anyway.  I've got the syllubus for 454 (both), 331 (digitial), 224 (paper), and 111.  I've got all my source for 111,112, 224, 340, 454.  I went through every box.  I lost the box cutter in that mess, but hey they are all open now anyway.  The cats looked at me very weird, but tigress found it entertaining.

I just need to burn the cd and i'm good.  Wish i could have found the 331 stuff.. i know its archived somewhere.. just not sure.  Too many cds to go through. I do have the book at least.  I saw the stuff for it before the move and i don't remember if it was packed or pitched but probably pitched. 


2:47 PM - 62 year old insensitive idiot gives birth

They will both be dead before that kid gets through college.. way to go assholes.

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