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Tue, 20 Jun 2006

2:11 PM - Moving, the good, the bad, the ugly

Ok i'm in the new place with most of our stuff. So far I've got most of the bedroom setup minus sheets on the bed. Looks like the pins to hold the glass shelves were lost in the move for our audio rack (bottom shelf) That sucks because i almost didn't mvoe it and we went over on weight. I don't know if i can find something to rig it with or not that will hold an adequate weight. The pin was flat and spread out on one end to hold the glass nicely. I can't just use a screw or something.

A few other things happened as well. I hate moving. Most of our furniture is old and all but still. The wicker got f'd up a little.

I think my comuter desk made it with only a few scratches. Caryn's going to need to help me put shit away and so on. I can't setup the stereo till i figure out what to do with that shelf. Techincall i could setup the receiver and cd player.