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Tue, 13 Jun 2006

9:45 AM - Truths and Myths, The latest Apple Ad Campaign

At heart I'm a mac fan, but I'm quite disappointed by the latest apple ad campaign.


Apple has released 3 new ads featuring the actors from the i'm a mac and i'm a pc campaign. Lets critique them one by one.

Touche. Ok this one is a bit cute. It runs windows using bootcamp which is a BETA. This isn't a feature until 10.5 or its production ready. This is a common Microsoft mistake and now apple is doing it. Lower standards means less quality.

Out of the box. This ad is wrong. Sure a mac is a bit faster to setup. I agree with that. The comment about software is wrong though. I've setup several macs recently and all have trials of office and iWork. This is the same as a dell with crap on it. Its a hassle for me as I have a license for office so i have to delete the trial then put mine on at work. At home its also a pain since i have iWork 06. If you purchase a power mac its in multiple boxes too. (monitor)

Work vs Home. Now this was a bit funny. It reminded me of my boss. I don't think the masses will get it though.

Like the previous campaign, this one is filled with little discrepencies. I call them lies. I've had trouble defending the ad campaign at work as a result. Its descouraged a coworker from buying a mac. It actually talked him out of it. He's looking at pc gaming rigs now. (widow pc?)


1:19 PM - FreeBSD likes HZ=100

Wow. This thing is really fast. I'm impressed! The site actually feels faster.


3:25 PM - (no subject)

I installed Solaris 10 and java enterprise on the sun today.  There are some serious hoops to get this thing going.  I'd argue configuration time is the same as apache, tomcat or sendmail for the equivalent sun proeducts.  Plus my keyboard is starting to fuck up.  Lovely.

I've got directory server, messaging (mail) , and .. webserver installed.  I can use the webserver ok, but the mail server is a pain in the ass to administer.  I'm having problems getting the sun console to run correctly and i didn't install the command line admin server shit.  That means i need to reinstall with the command line service or say fuck it and just drop freebsd on it. At the moment i'm leaning toward the bsd install.  Why?  I know it.  It would allow me to work on sparc 64 ports of midnight bsd, i have an 80gb disk now so everything but tomcat and et can run on it.  (everything but)  I'd like to run it by caryn, but it makes more sense to me.  The sun webserver would have been nice, but what i really wanted was the mail server to be EASIER to administer.  I don't think i'm going to get that.  The webserver has a gui and its easier to deploy wars.. but it doesn't do anything that tomcat can't do.  The next question is if i run fbsd on this box, what do i do with the dell server.  I have windows on there and it oculd technically host et and tomcat.  Arguably i could run the sun app server on it too.  I could also drop linux on it but if i'm going to run bsd on the sparc, mabye i should do it on both.  i'll have to think about it some more. 

Its been nice using solaris though.  I love how integrated it is.  The polish is missing in bsd.