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Mon, 5 Jun 2006

1:23 PM - (no subject)

Last night sucked a bit.  Had some trouble sleeping.  It felt so empty with caryn and the cats gone.  I went to bed around 2am.  I woke up at 9am or so.

I did get a lot done last night.  Two loads of dishes, put away a basket of clothes, threw out a ton of shit, and got together my transcript request stuff.  I mailed that this morning when I went for gas/coffee. 

I've been working in the herald since 10:30am.  Having lunch now.  I upgraded 4 machines with 10.4 this morning and moved a bunch around.  I setup a switch and some other crap.  I also had to show randy around.  Nick's here now so we'll head over in a minute.  I still need to buy boxes if I get out of work and over there at a reasonable time.  I'm shooting for 3:30 or so today.

i had to ship that sun drive to kzoo since i haven't changed my address yet with anyone.,


6:03 PM - I'm so happy to be home

God its 6pm and i'm just starting to chill. I got lost trying to find two men but eventually found it. My car was overheating! I had to turn on the fucking heater to cool it down. I'm soaked.

I got a haircut and some groceries. It appears the air is working to some degree. Thank god.

My car locked me out with its auto lock technology (power locks are freaking out) It took me a few minutes to get into it.

I have half the herald upgraded already. Damn i'm fast.