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Sun, 14 May 2006

3:10 PM - (no subject)

Hmm.. UL asked me to play a match today and then no one told me what to do / where to go.  Further i saw three of them playing on the fscking server. 

Alrightlythen.  Way to waste my time.  If things don't improve very soon, fuck that shit.  I'll just do fg|.


11:19 PM - IE and Firefox leak memory with ECMAScript?

I got a leak detector for firefox today. I guess many javascript/ecmascript uses actually leak memory on every page it. FCKeditor does and thats what i use for JJ. It seems that functions are objects and its quite easy to make a circular reference to something in Javascript which causes a memory leak as the garbage collector will never run when the page is exited. WOW.

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