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Fri, 12 May 2006

2:24 PM - The day in print

just kidding.  Its my birthday.  (caryn's mom's birthday too)

Yesterday I used some birthday money to buy a 60gb 5400 rpm 7200 EIDE 8mb cache WD disk for my laptop.  I ran out of space some time ago.  This baby will give me about 20gb free (assuming 5gb overhead for formatting and the real size vs the advertised...)  Its also faster and has more cache.  My iBook came with a 4200 rpm 2mb cache drive. 

Here's the bitch.. its 52 screws to the hard drive and i literally have to disconnect everything but the lcd.  I need to go to sears to buy a torx size 8 to open the fucked up screws on part of it.  It will be the largest laptop hack i've ever done so i'm a bit nervous.  Its my only mac.  I've already done an image of the drive onto caryn's with disk utility so i can restore it after the new one is up.  (firewire target disk mode is awesome)  I won't have to reinstall anything this way.  (software)

Caryn and I talked about going out to eat today.  Not sure what we'll do.  She made me a birthday cake last night. :)

We had pizza yesterday after buying the drive and getting stuff for the cake.  That powned. 

Some asshole keeps slamming the doors upstairs.  Its really pissing me off.  We've had lots of neighbors and none have done that before.  This asshole's talented.  The last set used to fuck a lot and we heard that.  It didn't last more than 2 minutes on a good day though.  I used to yell up shit to fuck with the guy some times :)

Its kewl not working today.  I took yesterday and today off for kicks.  Tomorrow it looks like we might see some apartments in Ann Arbor.  Its going to be weird moving there of all places.  My family had always pressured me to go to U of M and i've got some relatives i don't talk to much there.  (katie & matt, also darren and dana)  It will get awkward.

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