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Tue, 2 May 2006

12:13 AM - JJ Photo gallery

I've been promising images for a long time.  I made the first step tonight.

This is pulling an image associated with my account through a servlet and out of mysql.  Its not super fast but its also a 300+KB jpeg too. 


12:16 AM - JJ upgrade issues

I posted a new build of JJ tonight.  Its got a few issues that need to be worked out.  (calendar formatting for one) 

I'll look at it more tomorrow.  Post replies on this if you see anything i need to fix. 

As for the photo thing.. at first i'm going to make photo galleries.  I won't do images on posts yet but someday that will be added.  The idea is to let people post images into a default album associated with their account.  In turn, i'll add something to entries to allow associations of images from ANY account on jj using unique image ids OR by uploading a new one to the server.  In case you haven't guessed, there are no private images.  If i get requests for that i may add it in the future.  i am keeping track of the owner of images so its possible to do like friends only galleries or something. 

I'm also going to allow people to title their albums as well.  Each picture has a title field that ca be used too.  The database schema is already worked out for this stuff.  It consists of 3 new tables.. one for albums, one for images and a third for mappings between them similar to the friends mapping table. 


10:13 PM - Funny Mac ads

Two actors.. one pretends to be a windows box and the other a mac. Most of it is true sadly.