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Mon, 24 Apr 2006

2:01 PM - Reasons people quit their jobs

This article is quite interesting.  something like 9 percent of people quit there job because of the current gas prices!  Commuting cost has gone up 50 percent in the last year and average saleries only 3.7 percent.  (that includes big ceos and people with no raises)  Are you listening Mr. President? 

Boredom is high on the list.  20 percent said they were board and 33 percent of those said it was lack of work to do!  Anyone else see a problem with that? 


2:04 PM - (no subject)

I posted some in the new mbsd journal, but I got stuck on building the damn isos this weekend.  On the third attempt it died actually making the iso stating disk space was gone when it wasn't.  There's a patch in newer freebsd code that fixes that problem and i think i'll need to import some of that code soon.  I did get ssh cvs working though!  Actually it just worked.. i thought i had to do someting.  As long as the user is in my cvs group. its all good.


2:17 PM - MacBook Pro 17 inch out

Apple just posted the 17 inch Macbook Pro... 2799 though :(

Unrelated... boycott Windows Media format sites including cnn and netscape.  Damn anti apple bastards.  Real player or quicktime is ok because its cross platform.


8:17 PM - LOL

I'll just post it...

Jewel will appear in an emotional episode of The Young and the Restless on
Wednesday, May 31. She will perform two new songs, "Again and Again" and
"Good Day," at a special benefit at the coffeehouse as family and friends
gather on the one year anniversary of Cassie's tragic death. Check local