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Wed, 29 Mar 2006

11:32 AM - WoW back :)

All the realms are up!  Yeah!

Caryn won't be so depressed now :)


11:32 AM - (no subject)

note to self.. comment viewer has the bad /Users url problem...


7:35 PM - JJ

Ok i've isolated some problems with the server. I think running two instances of apache2 is causing some weird issues with the others sites and jj. I'm compiling apache 2.2 from ports for my own sites. If it works well and with php, i'll be able to drop my own build which is out of date anyway. I'll also switch the ajp connection code (which is what i think the issue is).

I debated wheither or not to even include php in this build, but caryn's sites force me to continue with it. (and worse yet php 4) If she migrates or lets me jail her, i can move on! :)

I'm preparing a new patch level release of jj with bug fixes for the /Users problems.

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