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Sat, 25 Mar 2006

1:12 AM - Character sets

Here is a nice page on adding character set directives in web programming languages or in server configurations (default).

It includes a lot of languages and webserver products. 


1:18 AM - Character sets in Java

Sun has a nice page on using other character sets in java jsp and servlets. 


3:45 AM - Themes weird? JJ acting odd?

Yep.  It seems that my new release has a lot of weird issues.  I'm even suprised.  I'm starting to like the new theme changes, but there are two key problems.

1. IE is throwing the comment and link to the far right offscreen on my system  (ie6 now) 
2. All font commands are ignored now on the journal if posted from the html editor and probably the web client too.  The reason is CSS support.  Its using font tags for a lot of stuff which isn't being seen since I had to re-enact a css class to fix bugs with render causing a lot of different font sizes.  Entries look clean again, but you can' t post an entry with different fonts.  (well manually coding html with css font sizes would work) 

I need to figure this out when i get a chance. 

Also user icons are broken (not avatars).  I'll upload a new copy tomorrow to fix that bug.  Creating new accounts might be broken too..  haven't had time to test that yet.


6:57 PM - Windows Vista Screen Shots

Here's the latest refresh on Windows... see the holdup. I'd guess they are going back to the xp codebase or at least the look.

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11:22 PM - (no subject)

I'm starting to like the journal themes a lot i've been tweaking. Its a big improvement. Much more attractive. Now if I could only fix the rest of the site.

Even the JJ client is looking good.

I haven't listened to jewel in awhile. This is nice.

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