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Thu, 16 Mar 2006

12:11 AM - (no subject)

My adventures in jails is proving really interesting.  got apache up and now php is being a pain in the ass lol.  i expect mysql to be the worst step.  i have the client installed. 

This is a fat jail


12:14 AM - Jury duty, class and fun

Next week i have jury duty.  Best of all its scheduled during my frickin' presentation for my project with swaroop. DOH!  Kaugars wants swaroop to do the whole thing! LOL

I think the cats will starve soon.. almost out of dry food.  Its good i went to class since assignment 2 is now due next thursday and with jury duty in the way, i better have something done sooner than tuesday.  that means more linux kernel coding hell.  (GNU's NOT UNIX)

Everybody is having fun with me on MSN today... they are pissed about the sites being down. Granted its been about 14 hours, but its also free hosting.  Plus its part way up now.

finally i found out about jls (list jails) and jexec <jail id> <command to run> so i can enter jails from the host system. :)