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Sun, 5 Mar 2006

4:25 PM - security and other stuff

Well i've been busy. I just wrote new firewall rules for this server and my home router. I haven't activated the home router rules yet since caryn's online. I know it will probably block WoW until its tweaked. Its very pessimistic. That should stop the outbound attacks and spoofing.

I upgraded to jdk 1.5 for JJ. Now I can use java 5 features and i broke xslt translation since maverick requires apache libraries. I had to install the latest xerces/xalan code to get around it. Its in production now. I'll need to upgrade tomcat when i get a chance.

This server is being attacked several times a minute from the firewall logs... scans, strange connection attempts from brazil, etc. My firewalls have been very weak and I've finally done some real patching on them. I wouldn't say they are 100 percent, but certainly much more secure.

I'm getting closer to getting midnight bsd to compile as well. The build errors are very far in the process.