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Fri, 16 Dec 2005

7:40 PM - Install Guide?

Just Journal is still in alpha for two reasons.

1. Lack of easy installation procedure
2. HTML is still embedded in several key servlets.

I am working on a solution to the second problem currently. The users servlet is by far the most difficult to fix and maintain in the JJ codebase right now.

The first problem I hope to help with soon. I'm going to describe basics to creating a JJ instance now.

1. Install a JDK (1.4.x or higher)

2. Install apache tomcat or another servlet container. I've managed to get tomcat 5.0 and 5.5 to work with JJ and Sun's webserver 6.1 as well. I use tomcat 5.5.x for testing and deployment currently.

3. Install Mysql 5.0. You must use mysql 5.0 as new parts of the code rely on stored procedures now. I will update the database info in cvs soon. The big changes have been with favorites and 1 additional query.

4. Download maverick, mysql jdbc driver, jdom, commons-fileupload, sun's java mail api, commons-beanutils, commons-email, commons-logging, domify, jazzy-core, log4j 1.2.11, and opt domify for maverick. I'm currently working on lowering the dependencies. There are several more in my current testing directory that i believe i've eliminated.

5. Compile and jar up the jj code into /WEB-INF/lib. Include the other libraries as well.

6. Install a maverick config file and web.xml into /WEB-INF.

7. Configure tomcat to allow the proper JDBC auth info and database info.

8. Start it up.

Compared to other open source projects, this is not very good. I'm working on creating a war deployment to ease install for others and aid in development.

JJ does not currently use ant. i have a custom build script created on my test system.

My goals for a 1.0 beta 1 release are war deployment, full mysql table specs and stored procedures, completed templates and seperation of presentation from the servlets.