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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

11:55 AM - Windows Client

I'm happy to announce the second release of the just journal windows client. Alpha 2 adds the following features:

Saves your username and password

Automatic logins

New login form thats smaller and easier to use on older/small monitors.

Now minimizes to the system tray (by the clock). You can double click on the icon to create a new journal entry or right click to see a menu with several options.

About screen with version information

Problem where the program keeps running if you hit the X to close the post window is resolved. (tray icon)

Known bugs:
Mood list does not have anything in it. This information must be downloaded from the site and I haven't upgraded the server code to handle it yet.

Annoying message box pops up after posting an entry. This is for debugging. If it says something like JJ.UPDATE.OK it means your post should be on the site.

Allow comments and emails check boxes don't do anything. This is a server side problem as well. I'm investigating the problem. A possible patch is ready and I'll be testing it in the next few days.

Entry is marked as html output and is not auto formatted. Server side issue as well. Working on a fix.

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12:03 AM - Login issues resolved

I upgraded the server version a few days ago to fix the bug earlier reported with the friends page and others not displaying without a login.

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