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Mon, 19 Sep 2005

8:10 AM - Site down time, data loss

The hard drive failed on this server eariler this month. The site was restored last friday to its state in late august. The database backup from around the 8th of this month was corrupt. I'm trying to salvage some of the data and re-import it into the site.

The server was brand new and contained a seagate SATA 80 gb hard drive.

I've started planning a new backup process so individuals can back up their blogs. This is the second loss of data since just journal started two years ago. This time I had backups, but they were not correct. I had done global backups and not per database. Some binary data in another database caused the import to fail. I'm looking into alternate backup procedures which may require bring the site down monthly for full backups of the data in a binary form in addition to mysqldump and/or exports via phpmyadmin.