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Fri, 12 Aug 2005

12:28 AM - New site and fixes

I just launched the new theme for just journal. I'm planning on improving the site design further in fine detail. After 2 years, it felt right to update the design.

The RSS syndication feature got an overhaul. I finally got RSS caching working. That means when you subscribe to rss feeds or live journal friends it will load much faster. Currently rss content gets updates every 24 hours. I'm hoping to make some sites update more often. News sites in particular should update every few hours.

I've also updated some of the code in the cvs repository with the recent changes. If this is greek to you, don't worry it is to most people. It might appeal to programmers.

I spent some time on the windows client tonight. I haven't looked at the source for a few months. Its not in very good shape at the moment. I want to get something that works out soon.