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Tue, 12 Apr 2005

7:53 PM - Two great updates

Just journal is now open source! I talked about doing this for some time. The source tree is now publicly available under the BSD license. Feel free to submit patches or use the code. The code was zipped on my mac tonight. It does not contain the web page templates, documentation on usage, config files or other tidbits yet. I plan on adding this. I'm also considering setting up a cvs or using a service as well. Please let me know if you find the code useful. :)

Developed on java 1.4 (might work with 1.31)
Jazzy spell check engine
maverick MVC framework
opt domify for maverick

The database layer uses a sun library that i don't believe was released. It allowed for disconnected recordsets. I will most likely change the database layer at some point to avoid this. Originally the jj codebase used recordsets all over the place. Gradually i've switched to Collections in many pieces of the code.

This site makes use of XSLT templates as i'm moving in that direction. I don't like jsp and didn't feel like learning velocity. I know some xsl from previous classic ASP and .NET experiences. Either way, an XML/XSL parser is required for the site to operate correctly.

I have NOT released the website design under the BSD license. Currently only the java source files are under the BSD license.

Any more questions can be directed to or

The second update is the actual website content files. The preference files have finally been uploaded to enable new features in the preferences system. The faq and support pages were also updated. They are still a bit behind with tonights open source upload, but much closer to reality. :)


8:14 PM - Bug in rss subscriptions code

I found a stupid bug in the subscriptions code. A field was incorrectly named in the sql code. A fix has been saved to my drive and i'll upload it soon.